“Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life”


Pretty cool quote. I have no idea what it means. Funny how we do that. Actually, I think I know what it means to me, however I’m willing to bet you may derive something different. Maybe that’s what’s cool about it and why we all drop quotes like this. They are like blankets in which everybody can find a way to wrap themselves. For me, it means that if we choose the easy way we often get the opposite and our life becomes more difficult. An example would be when we choose to avoid difficult lifestyle changes regarding diet and exercise and stay on the couch. That’s easier today. However, it leads to a future that leaves us stuck on that couch taking diabetes medication or hypertension meds or cholesterol meds or any number of other medications that result in a less active and fulfilling life.

Ok, I realize that comes off as preachy and I sound like some pretentious gasbag. Please know I’m primarily preaching to myself. You see this Parkinson diagnosis has me reevaluating everything. However, I’ll do my best to leave the preaching to the bearded guys in the skinny jeans with the slick cool haircuts. Parkinson’s is not considered a “life style” disease. Meaning: I didn’t do this to myself by smoking, drinking, or eating some terrible diet. The fact is that nobody knows what causes it. They only know what’s happening. Sadly, we are equally clueless regarding what to do about it other than some medications to manage the symptoms. There currently isn’t a drug that has proven to cure or even slow the progression of the disease. Which brings me back to lifestyle. You see I HATE having to take medications routinely. Therefore, I’m highly motivated to make many difficult choices that I believe will lead to an easier life. Training for the Great8 with the stiffness and dystonia that I’m experiencing is hard. Changing my diet to a plant based one that includes avoiding dairy and eggs isn’t a layup either. However, there is a mountain of evidence that suggests it will benefit me in numerous ways. My hope is that by choosing the somewhat harder things (daily exercise and eating clean) I will give myself the best chance of managing this disease. That’s a hard choice I’m willing to make.

MyGreat8 officially starts this Sunday with The OBX Sprint Triathlon… A 750 meter swim, 13.5 mile bike & a 5k run. All in all, a 90 minute or less challenge. Who wants to join me in spirit with a 90 minute challenge of your own. Whatever gets you moving, your heart rate up, and nudges you out of your comfort zone.

My friend and Coach Adam Leed reminded me of a great quote that I think fits the tone of this post.

“Mood Follows Action (Not The Other Way Around)” Rich Roll



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